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Small hole processing

Small hole processing

We can drill a hole with minimum diameter of 0.03 mm. Please refer to the below for our processing experiences.



Outer diameterφ0.05, pitch 0.06, thickness T0.05.FUTA-Q

Processing experiences of small holes

dia. (mm) depth (mm) Material
0.05mm   1.0   SUS316L
0.10mm   2.0   tb340・SUS316
0.15mm   2.0   SUS316
0.20mm   6.0   SUS316L
0.25mm   8.0   Titanium6-4
0.5 mm   13.5   SUS304
1.0 mm   50.0   SUS316
3.0 mm   62.0   SUS304,Hastelloy C