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Lock screw for glasses.FUTA-Q.japanLock screw for glasses

FUTA-Q offers special lock screws for glasses, titanium material for glasses, material to be processed through our distributors. Not only in Japan but also overseas (mainly in Europe), our products are highly evaluated. We have various ingenuities to overthrow the common belief that screws of glasses become loose in a short while. Please try our products about glasses.

If screws made from only metal are used, they are shaken and become loose while being used. FUTA-Q combined metal and plastic in the screws. Then the screws are increased in resistivity between parts at fastening positions to make the screws hard to loosen. Especially, for rimless glasses which have only one each fastening position between parts, the screws ae heavily loaded. Therefore, ordinary screws become loose soon. We offer various screws resolving this problem.

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