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This time, an interview article about our president Ryozo Futaku was published in the American journal [Forbes] , which announces the world's chief every spring, and on the website of a major U.S. comprehensive information-service company [Bloomberg], which distributes economic and financial data and conducts broadcasting business.


1. Nozzle・Needle/Pipe Products

Nozzle Needle Pipe ProductsIt has two characteristics: superelastic alloys and shape memory alloys. We handle nickel-titanium alloy wires, small-diameter pipes, and sheet materials, and also provide advanced finishing such as laser cutting.

2. NiTi Nitinol Pipe・Wire

NiTIニチノールパイプ・ワイヤーproduction from machining through to assembly is available. We respond to various requests, including internal polishing, laser welding, and bending.

3. Fine cutting (for catheter treatment)

微細切削加工(カテーテル治療)Smaller and tougher materials are required for medical parts. Not only titanium but also ceramic miniature parts are requested by some customers.

4.New Technology : FC-180 thin film fluorine coating which has Good chemical resistance.

FC-180We have developed a water-repellent, oil-repellent, and fluorinated resin coating treatment with a thin film with thickness of less than 1μm that can withstand repeated washing using an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, which has a sterilizing effect.

5. Femtosecond laser processing

Femtosecond laser processingUltra-short pulse laser processing enables processing with extremely low thermal effects. If it is a transparent material, various micro-machining can be done inside the material.

6. Inspection and measurement equipment

6. Inspection and measurement equipmentNondestructive inner surface measuring device "Arasamiru" We have developed a nondestructive inner surface measuring device that can automatically measure inner diameter roughness and detect scratches and residues like endoscopes, Every single small-diameter pipe can now be inspected in 100% test.