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1. Nozzle, Needle, and Pipe Products

Nozzle, Needle, and Pipe ProductsFUTA-Q’s pipes feature two characteristics; super-elasticity and shape-memory function. Nickel-titanium alloys are available in various shapes of wire, small-diameter pipe, or sheet, with advanced processing such as laser cutting.

2. NiTi Nitinol Pipe & Wire

NiTi Nitinol Pipe & WireOur production system for pipes & wires covers the all processes from machining to assembly, including inner surface polishing, laser welding, and bending.

3. Fine Cutting (e.g., for catheter)

Fine Cutting (e.g., for catheter) Medical parts require to be a smaller size and to use a tougher material. Some clients request us to make microminiature parts using titanium as well as ceramics.

4. FC-180 Fluorine Thin Film Coating: new technology for chemical resistance coating

FC-180 Fluorine Thin Film Coating: new technology for chemical resistance coatingFUTA-Q has newly developed FC-180 fluorine thin-film coating having water/oil repellency and coating thickness of less than one micrometer, which can withstand repeated washing with a sterilizing solution of sodium hypochlorite.

5. Femtosecond Laser Processing

Femtosecond Laser ProcessingFemtosecond laser can process a work with minimal thermal effects using the ultra-short pulse laser. The inside of a transparent material can be processed to form miniature shapes.

6. Inspection and Measurement Equipment

Inspection and Measurement EquipmentFUTA-Q has newly developed the Precision Inspector, the non-destructive inner surface inspector, which can be used for total number inspection of small diameter pipes. This is a non-destructive type, and can automatically measure inner surface roughness and also detect scratches and residues on the inner surface like endoscopes can.