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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

[ Basic policy for the protection of personal information ]

This web site is managed by Futaku Precision Machinery Industry Company (Futaku) with thorough prudence in the protection and management of personal information provided by customers, based on the following personal information protection policies.

[ Collection and use of personal information ]

Futaku does not collect personal information at this site to sell or lend it to, or share it with, any third party.
When it requests users to enter personal information, Futaku specifies the purpose of collecting the information, and uses the information within the extents agreed on by the person who enters the information.

[ Inquiries ]

Futaku provides an inquiry form at this web site to accept inquiries from its users.
Futaku requests them to enter personal information (name, e-mail address) to answer the inquiries or otherwise to have contact with the user.
These pieces of information are used only to directly answer the inquiries from the user.
They will not be used for other purposes.

[ Sharing of information ]

Futaku will not disclose or supply personal information to any third party without the user’s permission.
When Futaku is to supply personal information to a third party, Futaku will obtain the user’s permission in advance.

[ Securities ]

Futaku makes all preventive measures to protect customer information.
When a customer submits important personal information through this web site, the customer’s information will be protected both online and offline.
Futaku exercises extreme prudence in the handling of customers’ personal information and only the employees who need the information for services are allowed to have access to it.

[About the use of cookies]

1.Purpose of using cookies

The Company may record and analyze information such as action history and usage environment on this website through browser cookies and use it for the following purposes.
1) To improve the functions of this website and optimize advertisement distribution
2) To optimize the content displayed on this website and the distribution of advertisements and e-mails
3) To use as statistical data for marketing, research, research and development of this service

2. Use of Google Analytics

This website uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics”. Regarding the handling of information such as action history and usage environment by Google Analytics, please refer to “Use of data by Google when users use Google partner sites and apps”, “Google Analytics Terms of Service”, and “Google Privacy Policy”. Please check. We have also enabled advertising features in Google Analytics and introduced reporting on user distribution and interest categories. We may also combine first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) or other first-party IDs with third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick cookies) or other third-party IDs to analyze your age group, gender, and interests. is used for
If you wish to refuse the use of cookies by Google Analytics, you can do so by using the “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” provided by Google.

3.Using BowNow

This website uses the marketing automation tool “BowNow”. Please refer to the “Cloud Circus BowNow Privacy Policy” for the handling of information such as action history and usage environment by BowNow.

[ Legal exemption information ]

If the disclosure of personal information is requested by law, Futaku may disclose personal information to the state government, local municipalities, courts of law, or international law-enforcement institutions.

[ Revision of personal information protection policies ]

When Japanese laws or other rules or regulations concerned with personal information protection, Futaku will revise its corporate policies according to them promptly.

When it revises its personal information policies, Futaku will announce it at this web site.
The users of this web site will keep informed of the company’s latest personal information policies by visiting and viewing this web site.

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