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Materials for small diameter tubes (β-titanium, NiTi, SS)

φ0.5×φ0.3 Extra fine βtitanium tubesExtra fine β-titanium tubes
(OD 0.5, ID 0.3)
β-titanium features high corrosion resistance and resilience as well as its lightness. We FUTA-Q have advanced the processing technology for this titanium alloy and finally succeeded in manufacturing the first β-titanium tubes (OD 0.5 mm, ID 0.3 mm) in the world in 2011 through pursuing ‘minuteness and precision’ manufacturing.

We also deal in NiTi tubes featuring hyper-elasticity and shape memory property, and SS precision tubes for various applications, such as medical instruments. We can employ various techniques, such as drilling, micromachining, laser processing, welding, bore polishing, and swaging for the products you want to commercialize.
Please feel free to contact us. We can suggest the best small diameter tubes that meet the using condition, purpose, and required cost.