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TI-6Al-4V ELI small diameter pipe

TI-6Al-4V ELI small diameter pipe

What is 64 Titanium?

This is a titanium alloy with a balanced combination of α and β phases and contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium.
This material has roughly twice the toughness of pure titanium, and is used most among titanium alloys.
It accounts for approximately 70% of all titanium alloys.
Although it has excellent corrosion resistance and excellent specific strength, it is weak against wear.
It is characterized by both low specific gravity and biocompatibility,
and the titanium component does not melt even if it is implanted in the body.
It is also used for artificial bones and artificial joints.

Introduction of FUTA-Q small-sized pipes

Compared to β titanium, 64 titanium has been said to be difficult to cool and small-sized pipes cannot be manufactured.
In FUTA・Q, we succeeded in converting 64 titanium ELIs into small-sized pipes.
The pipes can be for various applications, such as improving the corrosion resistance of medical devices
in contact with human body and reducing the weight of pipe parts and equipment by taking advantage of strength of SUS316L.


TI-6Al-4V ELI small diameter pipe
Small-diameter pipe manufacturing results

■ Specifications
 Outer radius: φ2.8 Inner radius: φ1.6
 Length: Results of L250 to 300mm
 Tensile test: 2% TS1058Mpa/0 tolerance: 879Mpa
 Surface roughness: Ra0. 6 or less

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