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Rare metal wire processing

Rare metal wire processing

64 titanium ELI materials and nickel-free materials have biocompatibility, and they are attracting attention as medical materials.
wires of various metals with excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance are available.
In addition to round wires, we offer you flat wires, deformed wires, and other shapes depending on your purpose.

レアメタルワイヤー加工 二九精密機械工業レアメタルワイヤー加工 二九精密機械工業

■ Centerless Material/● Material: 64 Titanium ELI (F136), NiTi ● Available Sizes: φ1.0 (NiTiφ0.1) ~ φ25.0
■ ● Wire/Material: 64 titanium ELI (F136), 4N-Ti (high-purity titanium), Ni-free Ti-based shape-memory alloys, Ni-free austenitic steel, Nb (niobium), Ta (tantalum) ● Available Sizes: φ0.2 to φ5.0
■ Flat line/● Material: NiTi ● Available Sizes: 0.9×0.07, 0.8×0.15, 0.2×0.3, 0.1×0.4
■ Irregular /● Material: Net titanium/β titanium/α β titanium ● Available Sizes: Various

Examples of materials Size (mm)
Centerless material 64 Titanium-ELI(F136)
(Possible size) φ1.0~φ25.0 φ0.1〜
Wire 64 Titanium-ELI (F136)
4N-Ti (high-purity titanium)
Ni-free Ti-based shape memory alloy
Ni-free austenitic stainless steel
Nb (niobium)
(Possible size) φ0.2 to φ5.0
Flat line NiTi (Actual size) 0.9×0.07
Deformed line Pure titanium
β titanium
α βTitanium
(Actual size)
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