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FUTA-Q Mail Magazine 2021

FUTA-Q Mail Magazine 2021

Dec. 27, 2021

The PipeEndoscope Award the Chairman’s Award of JSPMI Prizes

FUTA-Q’s PipeEndoscope, a non-destructive roughness inspector, has awarded the chairman’s award of JSPMI (Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry) Prizes which are granted to organizations and persons recognized as contributing to the progress and growth of the machine industry their superior R&D and commercialization efforts.

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The Vol.37 of the Technical Information

Dec. 20, 2021

Introduction of High-speed Horizontal Machining Center

Our machining centers need to process in high-precision for meeting the requirements from medical, analysis, and semiconductor industries. The newly installed machining center, the latest model, can perform high-variety continuous production in high precision by suppressing the effects of heat and vibration from the processing.

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The Vol.36 of the Technical Information

Nov. 19, 2021

Laser Processing Technology for Small Pipes

Laser processing on a small pipe can give an exceptional property to the pipe by cutting in special-designed shape. This technology has been applied to various products such as medical equipment.

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The Vol.35 of the Technical Information

Oct. 20, 2021

Chemical Resistant Property of Fluorine Thin-film Coating, FC-180

FC-180 coating forms a very thin fluorine film less than 1 µm in thickness on a substate surface, giving your products the property of water/oil repellency without ill influencing to the sizes of a critical part such as the inner/outer diameters of a precision nozzle.
The excellent resistance property against an alkaline, an acid, and an organic solution is shown in a table.

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The Vol.34 of the Technical Information

Sep. 17, 2021

Centerless Grinding for Small Pipe and Thin Wire

Centerless grinding, in which a rod work is not necessary to be hold at its center, is a significant process for thin long products to be finished to an accurate diameter and stable surface roughness. A high-quality small pipe and long-tapered thin wire can be produced.

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The Vol.33 of the Technical Information

Sep. 10, 2021

Keihanna Laboratory

In Keihanna Laboratory, we are conducting the development of the elemental technologies for measuring the inner surface roughness of a small-diameter pipe. The following themes are introduced in the report. – Automatic handling technique for inserting a fiber scope into a small pipe by a robot – Automatic recognition technique for reading a two-dimensional identification code on a small pipe  

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The Vol.32 of the Technical Information

Aug. 20, 2021

Measurement Instrument for Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of the products is built on the company members’ quality awareness and the facility management. FUTA-Q is executing the inspection of our products with their geometric tolerances, performances, or appearances both in process and upon the delivery using measurement instruments. These instruments are maintained and managed by the Quality Management Division in Yagi Factory.

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The Vol.31 of the Technical Information

Jul. 7, 2021

Micro-hole Drilling Technology for Making Minute Flow Passage

The nozzles or valves used in an analysis equipment, for example, are required to have minute flow passages in which liquid or gas flows through. FUTA-Q’s micro-hole drilling technology can make minute holes on various kinds of materials to solve the problems on micro-holes.

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The Vol.30 of the Technical Information

Jun. 18, 2021

Fluorine Coating on the Inner Surface of a Nozzle

Fluorine coating prevents a surface from being scratched or contaminated to make the service life of the product longer. Volume production is available as well as prototype production, for example, for the inner surface of small-diameter pipes.

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The Vol.30 of the Technical Information

May. 20, 2021

Finishing Equipment Supporting FUTA-Q Quality

The finishing is a crucial process to satisfy clients’ requirements, for example making a mirror surface or pear-skin surface as requested. FUTA-Q is equipped with multiple finishing equipment for different materials or purposes.

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The Vol.28 of the Technical Information

Apr. 20, 2021

Swiss Type Automatic Lathes Supporting FUTA-Q Products

The Swiss type automatic lathe is well known as a sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathe which has been improved as a multifunctional lathe in Japan. FUTA-Q has many this type of automatic lathes for producing micro components for medical devices or others. The machine can process continuously a long rod material to make micro components having a complex shape.

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The Vol.27 of the Technical Information

Mar. 19, 2021

In-house Developed Inspection Equipment

FUTA-Q is developing and producing testing & measurement equipment for in-house use to improve our production quality, because commercially available equipment has sometimes insufficient specifications for our requirements.

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The Vol.26 of the Technical Information

Feb. 19, 2021

Strength Test in FUTA-Q

FUTA-Q, working for medical and analysis products, has developed the in-house using universal tester to confirm the strength of a product or a jointed area for ensuring our product quality.

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The Vol.25 of the Technical Information

Jan. 20, 2021

Modification of PipeEndoscope: Non-destructive Inner Surface Inspector

The introducing the PipeEndscope brought great response for the world first non-destructive inner surface inspector. Since the announcement in last year, we have accumulated the measuring knowhow to improve the measurement performance through the in-house production of pipes.

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The Vol.24 of the Technical Information

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