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Precision Inspector (micro component discriminator)

We are conducting total number inspections to guarantee the quality of our micro components using a microscope. We have developed the automatic micro component discriminator for discriminating foreign parts accidentally included middle of the manufacturing process.

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The Vol.11 of the Technical Information


Ti-6Al-4V-ELI small diameter pipe!

Forming a small-size pipe of Ti-6Al-4V has been considered to be impossible because of its difficulty in cool rolling processing. FUTA-Q has finally seceded in producing the small-size pipe of Ti-6Al-4V ELI.

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The Vol.10 of the Technical Information


High-precision five-axis machining for titanium

Through machining processing from chucking of a work to finishing, holding the work with one chuck is crucial for machining in high precision. This report introduces the machining for titanium, hard-to-processing material, with High-precision five-axis machining center.

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FUTA-Q Mail Magazine Vol.9


ELGILOY small diameter pipe and laser processing

ELGILOY can expand its applicable range by being processed in cutting by a fiber laser or welding with stainless steel by YAG laser, which may lead to new product ideas.

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The Vol.8 of the Technical Information


ELGILOY small-diameter pipe

ELGILOY is a certified biocompatible material having excellent toughness, corrosion resistance, and more abrasion resistance than that of titanium. We have succeeded in making small-diameter pipe made of ELGILOY first in the world.

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The Vol.7 of the Technical Information


Ceramic microfabrication for advanced medical treatment

We have established the processing method for ceramic through making micro component made of zirconia for a medical treatment device by taking dust-proof measurement for a high precision machining center.

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The Vol.6 of the Technical Information


FC-180, Thin film fluorine coating

From the requirement of a client who are using dispenser nozzles in analysis equipment, we have developed FC-180 fluorine coating which has the thickness of 1 μm or less, an excellent chemical resistance, and water/oil repellency. (Patent pending)


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The Vol.5 of the Technical Information


Laser welding technique for microfabrication

The technique for welding a small pipe for an optical unit with a thin-wall SUS pipe is explained in this report. Making good use of machining facilities requires the engineers’ ingenious who have an intimate knowledge of the facility. (The releasing of this information is granted by the client.)

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The Vol.4 of the Technical Information


Automation of attachment/detachment of precision machined products, unmanned operation of robots

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FUTA-Q Mail Magazine Vol.3


Activity Status of Femtosecond Laser Machines

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FUTA-Q Mail Magazine Vol.1


FUTA-Q’s technologies

FUTA-Q features the ability that can consistently conduct designing, machining, and assembling of various kinds of metal parts.In this report, FUTA-Q’s technologies are listed in the table, which includes precision machining, special material pips, machinable materials, laser processing, polishing, and assembling.

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