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FUTA-Q Mail Magazine 2020


5S Activities for Small CNC Lathes

5S is a workplace organization method, which stands for Sorting, Setting-in-order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining the discipline. FUTA-Q has been conducting 5S activities to make our manufacturing quicker and higher quality.

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The Vol.23 of the Technical Information


Heat Treatment for Small Size Pipes

Optimal heat treatment of small size pipe is a critical technique for producing needles/nozzles for medical/analysis use in high quality. FUTA-Q conducts a solution and/or ageing treatments to meet various requirements from our clients.

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The Vol.22 of the Technical Information


Leak Detection Test for High Quality Joint

FUTA-Q conducts leak detection tests to meet our clients’ requirement, such as the underwater bubbling test or the differential pressure test for nozzle products, or the helium leak detection test for parts of semiconductor equipment.

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The Vol.21 of the Technical Information


Clean Room in Yagi Factory

A clean room is completed on the second floor in the second building at Yagi Factory for manufacturing with extremely little possibility of contamination, which is required especially in producing medical, analysis or semiconductor equipment.

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The Vol.20 of the Technical Information


Inner Surface Polishing for Small-diameter Pipe

Inner surface polishing for small-diameter pipes is one of the inevitable techniques for producing high quality pipes of medical or analysis use, which is one of the FUTA-Q’s core technologies.

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The Vol.19 of the Technical Information


The Global Niche Top Company in Manufacturing Small-diameter Pipes!!

We have been selected as one of The Global Niche Top 100 Companies by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which proves our unique technology, market share, and important position in the supply chain.

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The Vol.18 of the Technical Information


Nozzle Manufacturing Process

FUTA-Q is thoroughly producing nozzles from pipe making to delivery inspection including laser processing and assembly. This report introduces the whole processes for nozzle making.

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The Vol.17 of the Technical Information


Finishing Process, and Lancet Shaping by Femtosecond Laser

The femtosecond laser processing for making lancet shape at a needle tip is explained on this Technical Information. The video clip on our finishing process is also available on YouTube.

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The Vol.16 of the Technical Information


Online Factory Tour in Yagi

Online factory tour of the Yagi Factory is now available on YouTube.

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The Vol.15 of the Technical Information


Femtosecond Laser for Microprocessing!

The processing samples in several microns order by the femtosecond laser are introduced along with the enlarged observation with a microscope and an electron microscope.

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The Vol.14 of the Technical Information


Introduction to Shape Memory Alloys (NiTi alloy)

A shape memory alloy is an alloy having the properties of shape memory effect and superelasticity. FUTA-Q is handling NiTi alloy, one of shape memory alloys, and this report introduces the characteristics of this interesting material.

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The Vol.13 of the Technical Information


PipeEndoscope (non-destructive roughness inspector for small pipe)

The inner surface of an analysis nozzle is required to have a scratch-less mirror surface on which no specimen is left as residue. We have newly developed PipeEndoscope, a non-destructive roughness inspector, for the measurement of an inner surface roughness and the detection of scratches or residues inside a nozzle without cutting it open.

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The Vol.12 of the Technical Information

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