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Laser processing

Laser processing FUTA-QLaser processing FUTA-Q

We can make small diameter tubes into various complicated shapes by laser processing.
Our technique is adaptable to miscellaneous materials, such as S.S., βtitanium, and Ni-Ti. Laser processing can produce products which are hardly accomplished by normal cutting technique.

In general, laser cutting causes emergence of dross, burrlike molten scum, inside a groove part. However, our own dross removing technique makes cut surface very smooth and flawless.

BEFORE dross removing. FUTA-QAFTER dross removing. FUTA-Q

Laser processing machine Processing specifications

• Beam diameter:  minΦ0.020~
• Wall thickness: T=0.5mm at most
• Thickness: T=3.0mm at most

<Laser cut sample: tube (t=0.3mm)>

Wall thickness.FUTA-Q
Processing specs.FUTA-Q

<Laser cut sample: board (55mm×90mm, t=1.0mm)>

Laser cut sample. board (55mm×90mm, t=1.0mm).FUTA-QLaser cut sample. board (55mm×90mm, t=1.0mm).FUTA-Q

βtitanium flexible tubes

βtitanium flexible tubes.FUTA-Q

Adding uniquely designed slits on strong, flexible, light β titanium tubes by laser processing, even φ6mm tube can be moved flexibly.
The β titanium flexible tube is an epoch-making product which has an excellent operability with bendability, flexibility, and strength of titanium.

βtitanium spiral tubes

βtitanium spiral tubes.FUTA-Qβtitanium spiral tubes.FUTA-Q

Spiral sulcus is formed on corrosion resistant, strong, flexible β titanium tubes by laser micromachining, which is used for processing a stent.
Our βtitanium spiral tubes enabled unprecedentedly flexible operability. By adjusting slit width and pitches, flexibility and springiness can be controlled, every each part.


Stent.Laser processing.FUTA-Q

This is a laser processing sample of a stent which is used for catheterization for angina and cardiac infarction. Even complicated fine shape (20μm cutting width at minimum) can be processed by laser processing.

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