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Titanium Micro Processing

Titanium Micro Processing

Mono-block titanium nozzle

Titanium Micro Processing

Material: DAT51 (β-titanium alloy made by Daido Steel Co., Ltd.)
This nozzle block is shaved out from one block of β-titanium, having elasticity, high flexural rigidity, and corrosion-resistance properties.
Nozzles: Octagon shape with the width across flats 0.35 mm, and a stepped hole having ID of 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm deep, and ID of 0.2 mm and 10 mm deep

Titanium medical parts

Titanium medical partsTitanium medical parts

Taper shaped holes are formed by helical boring from the both ends of a titanium bar having 1.6 mm in diameter and 3 mm long. The holes show different shapes from each other ends, having a diameter of 0.32 mm at the smallest area and are formed only by cutting process.

Micro forceps

Micro forcepsMicro forceps

We have succeeded in producing a micro forceps made of titanium for medical surgery with our mono-block cut-out technique. The forceps feature its extremely small size with the shaft diameter of 0.3 mm and the tip diameter of 1.0 mm. Anti-corrosive characteristic of titanium and our improved accurate machining techniques enable a surgeon to conduct more precise operations.

[Video clip of micro forceps]

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