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β-titanium Tube Catcher (patented-Japan: No.5639734)

β-titanium Tube Catcher (patented-Japan: No.5639734)

β-titanium Tube Catcher (patented-Japan: No.5639734)
~ the exclusive jig for vials used in cold storages ~

When taking cryovials, in which a specimen is culturing or storing, in and out from a refrigeration storage container, researchers have generally used a pair of tweezers. Wearing gloves makes them clumsier to handle the pair of tweezers, much more in a liquid nitrogen atmosphere, and results in dropping the vial accidentally.
To solve this problem, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) asked FUTA・Q to create an equipment which makes them easy and comfortable to handle tubes and vials even in a liquid nitrogen atmosphere for studying cell division in outer space.
After trial and error, we succeeded in creating a β-titanium tube catcher. The characteristics of β-titanium alloy makes the equipment hyper-elastic and low temperature tolerance so that it can maintain its durability and elasticity even in liquid nitrogen. The β-titanium tube catcher can hold a tube tightly, and makes researchers easy to handle vials and tubes dexterously even over gloves.

Tube Catcher (patented-Japan: No.5639734)

We provide various size of top parts of the tube catcher, which can be screwed off and on. The tube catchers can be compatible with various kinds of vials and tubes by changing the top parts.

Standard sizes

The outer diameters of vials
10.5 – 11.5 mm
11.5 – 12.5 mm
12.5 – 13.5 mm
(We can supply the top parts on a custom basis.)

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