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Stents, which are used in catheterization for angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, can be fabricated by laser processing which has the minimum cutting width of 20μm. The laser cutting can form a complex fine shape that could not be processed by ordinary cutting methods.


Spiral pipe

βチタンスパイラルパイプ 二九精密機械工業βチタンスパイラルパイプ 二九精密機械工業

Spiral cuttings can be made on a FUTA-Q’s β-titanium pipe which features its anti-corrosive, strength, elasticity, and lightness, by the laser micro processing technology used for stent making.
This “β-titanium spiral pipe” has more flexible maneuverability than ever. The flexibility and springiness of the pipe can be varied in each section respectively by having different slit widths and pitches.
Stainless steel and NiTi can be also processed as well as β-titanium mentioned above.

» NiTi Tubes (Nitinol, or Nickel Titanium)

Micro forceps

Micro forcepsMicro forceps

Our machining techniques has made it possible to make a pair of small surgical forceps by cutting it out from one block of titanium which is a hard-to-cut material. This forceps is an extremely small one having the shaft with the diameter of 0.3 mm and the tip section with 1.0 mm long. The corrosive resistivity of titanium and our precise finishing technique enable surgeons to conduct more accurate operations.

[Video clip of micro forceps]


These cannulas have a tip head-sealed by laser welding. They are medical cannulas having no dead volume by being horizontally drilled at the precise position in their tips.


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