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FUTA-Q Proposal

FUTA-Q Proposal

FUTA-Q Proposal

Do you have any problems like the examples below, regarding metalworking and precision machining?

I would like to improve our existing products.
I would like to change materials.
I need help to change shapes of products.
I would like to add some new functions to products.
I would like to use materials that improve performance.

We always try to propose ideas that can solve our customers’ dissatisfaction, and make them pleased. First, contact us. Not only introducing our products, but also we take your worries seriously, try to make your dreams come true. We have always archived that.

We can propose various kinds of processing and products

We originally specialize in micromachining, but we also can make laser beam welding, brazingswaging, cutting work, pipe inner polishing, stainless steel processing, titanium processing, stent, shape memory alloy, titanium pipe, βtitanium processing.

Contact us anything about metal processing.


Needle for vacuum blood collection tube :

Needle for vacuum blood collection tube is usually made from stainless steel, and it is not easily rusted. However, it is very tough and once it bends, it is difficult to return to original shape. So, we have proposed βtitanium tubes developed by originally.

Needle for vacuum blood collection tube made from βtitanium is light, strong, and very flexible. Even if it bends, it soon gets straight back. Also, it is hardly rusted and strong against sea water.

Now, our companies’ βtitanium needles are prevalent widely in medical field.
(We are proud of only one technique of βtitanium pipe. )

We will make the future with our customers

For the coming future, our six engineers try their best to develop our new technology and products in our laboratory. Almost a century has passed since this company was born, and we will continue to walk with our customers.

We will introduce the video proposal capabilities !

Please look at the video to our proposal capabilities !

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