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I.D Polishing (Bore polishing/InternalPolishing)w

I.D Polishing (Bore polishing/InternalPolishing)w

I.D Polishing

This section describes our I.D Polishing and mirror finishing techniques.
For example, mirror finishing of the inner surface of the pipe of the analysis nozzle prevents contamination adhesion and improves cleanability and analytical performance.

The Polishing Equipment is designed and manufactured by our R&D center in Kyoto Factory, and by experimenting with a variety of polishing methods tailored to pipe materials and component shapes, we are accumulating internal polishing technologies.
I.D Polishing is our fundamental technique, which is essential for producing high-quality pipes for medical and analytical equipment.
It is possible to polish the inner surface of parts with complex shapes such as bending shapes, tapered shapes, and drawing nozzles, which are generally considered difficult to polish.

Method of polishing the inner surface of a small-diameter pipe

The list below shows the four pipe interior and part polishing methods available by FUTA・Q.

Polishing method Characteristics Application
Physical polishing Fine tube polishing Polishing method that directly polishes the inner surfaces of nozzle products and straight pipes with abrasive grains Mass-produced products
Special polishing Method of polishing the inner surface of curved pipes or tapered pipes Mass-produced products
Buffing Method of polishing the internal surface of a short pipe with a product surface and an internal radius Φ4 or more. Mass-produced products
Chemical polishing Suitable for parts of complex shapes. Mass-produced products

Method of melting metal surface, electrolytic polishing has problems with uniform finishing because the electrode positions in the pipe are shifted.
Magnetic polishing requires a large-scale device and a number of processes to remove residual abrasive grains in a small-diameter pipe.

List of pipe materials small-diameter and abrasive specifications

The list below shows the specifications of I.D Polishing for small diameter pipes that can be mass-produced and available pipe lengths.
As there are many types of metal materials handled, some of them cannot be listed. So the table below shows standard sizes.

In addition to SUS, we can also handle difficult to cut materials such as titanium and cobalt alloys.
About metal materials and ultra-small pipes not shown in the table, please feel free to contact us.

Materials of small-sized pipes (SUS304, SUS316L, β-titanium, pure titanium, MP35N※, ELGILOY*, etc.)
Gauge (G) Outside diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm) Internal Diameter(mm) Tolerance (mm) Length (mm) Inner surface roughness (μm) SUS Ti Co alloy
26G 0.45 ±0.01 0.23 0.04
230 ≦Ra0.8
25G 0.51 ±0.01 0.26 0.04
230 ≦Ra0.8
24G 0.55 ±0.01 0.30 0.04
230 ≦Ra0.2
23G 0.63 ±0.01 0.33 0.04
230 ≦Ra0.2
22G 0.71 ±0.01 0.41 0.04
230 ≦Ra0.06
21G 0.81 ±0.01 0.51 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
20G 0.88 ±0.01 0.58 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
19G 1.06 ±0.01 0.70 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
18G 1.26 ±0.01 0.90 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
17G 1.48 ±0.01 1.12 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
16G 1.61 ±0.01 1.25 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
15G 1.81 ±0.01 1.45 0.04
480 ≦Ra0.06
14G 2.11 ±0.01 1.69 ±0.04 480 ≦Ra0.06
13G 2.41 ±0.02 1.99 ±0.04 480 ≦Ra0.06
12G 2.76 ±0.02 2.40 ±0.04 480 ≦Ra0.06
11G 3.06 ±0.02 2.64 ±0.06 480 ≦Ra0.06
10G 3.4 ±0.02 2.84 ±0.06 480 ≦Ra0.06
Wall thickness 1.6 ±0.01 0.60 ±0.04 480 ≦Ra0.06

※ Cobalt-alloy MP35N® is a trademark of SPS Technologies.
※ Cobalt-alloy ELGILOY® is a trademark of Elgiloy Specialty Metals.

Results of I.D Polishing

I.D Polishing for pipes up to 700mm (bending pipe : max. 300mm) with the smallest bore diameter of φ0.1mm~ and surface roughness Ra0 of.01 is available.
In addition, complex shapes such as bending shapes, tapered shapes, and drawing parts of nozzles, which are usually difficult to be polished, can also be machined. I.D Polishing is applicable not only for SUS but also difficult-to-machine materials. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

・ Pipe Length: [Straight] up to 700mm [Bending] up to 300mm
・ Polishing inner diameter: minimum diameter φ0.1mm
・ Materials: SUS, titanium, titanium alloy, cobalt alloy, copper, etc.
・ Side roughness: Normal Ra0 of about.05 (Ra0.01 is also available)


I.D Polishing for bent pipe

It is possible to remove wrinkles inside the internal radius generated during the bending process.

・ Size: ODφ1.35  IDφ1.11
・ Material: SUS316L

 内径研磨加工 曲げパイプ内径研磨

曲げパイプ内径研磨 研磨前 研磨後 二九精密機械工業

I.D. polishing for Straight pipe

ステンレスパイプ内径研磨 二九精密機械工業

I.D Polishing for Swaging pipe

※ Applicable size: Pipes with an outer diameter of φ6 or less
Swaging pipes become thick at the time of processing, creating wrinkles and lowering inner the surface roughness. However, we have succeeded in the improving.

• Titanium Nozzle (DAT51)

Large radius ODφ1.82 IDφ1.08 Small radius ODφ0.96 ID0 51 Total length L=180

チタンノズル(DAT51) 二九精密機械工業

Cross section of commercially available small diameter pipe after I.D Polishing.

Enhancing roundness by Inner-Diameter Polishing

• SUS316Lφ1.6×φ0.25

内径研磨による真円度の向上 二九精密

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