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Fishing rod

Fishing rod

Techno Titanium Top equipped in fishing rod, Gamafune Tenchogen

A βtitanium product made by FUTA-Q, Ltd is adopted in Techno titanium top equipped supersensitive fishing rod for flatfish.

Its sensitivity performance amplifies information under sea and transmit it to the fisher’s hand.

“Gamafune Tenchogen” is a high performance fishing rod for flatfish merchandised by Gamakatsu Co., Ltd. Techno titanium top that has good vibration conduction is used at the tip of the rod.

Moreover, this tip has high stiffness and when used with PCS blanks, twisting deviation is greatly reduce.

It has high maneuverability to allow the fisher to control it as he or she likes. This is the special model built up by finalizing all factors necessary for fishing flatfishes thoroughly.

Gamafune Tenchogen
Gamafune Tenchogen.FUTA-Q.Gamafune Tenchogen.FUTA-Q.japan
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