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Foldable Wheelchair

Foldable Wheelchair

Titanium Foldable Wheelchair – ZEN

ZEN is approved by German Federation of Health Insurance Societies, and acquired orthotic product registration number ( Rollstuhl- Titania)
Zen will support your comfortable life with its foldable structure, robustness and durability just like a rigid wheelchair.

– The whole frame is made by titanium, which makes ZEN very robust, durable, and comfortable to use.
– The titanium frame and original parts make ZEN accomplish lightweight. – Titanium is rustproof so that ZEN can be used for a long period of time. – Because titanium hardly causes people metal allergy, you can use Zen without any concerns.

ZEN Titanium Foldable Wheelchair

Modular structure fitting to anybody

Very convenient foldable structure

in folded

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