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How come “FUTA-Q QUALITY” is possible?

How come “FUTA-Q QUALITY” is possible?

Now, we introduce our own quality assurance system which brings forth “FUTA-Q QUALITY.”

1.Current Quality Control

We have an established quality assurance system which is ahead of rival firms and fundamentally supports FUTA-Q highly precise machining.

・Application of various ISO management systems.
(ISO13485、ISO9001、ISO14001) click here to see » certification

・Maintenance of managed manufacturing process using latest machines and measuring instruments of high precision.
(CNC three-dimensional measurement instrument, CNC image measurement device, surface roughness/shape profile integral measurement machine, projector, measuring microscope, durometer, herium leak detector, etc….)
Click here to see » machines

Under these systems, guarantee of quality is maintained by inspection and verification with the latest machines and various measuring instruments of high precision.

2.Effort to reduce human errors ~FUTA-Q human resource cultivation~

Rather than machines themselves, the quality of products is susceptible to skills of workers who utilize machines. We conduct a planned human resource cultivation on the CEO’s initiative.

・Each section makes an annual education plan. Not only personal reskilling, but also the growth of each section is expected.

・We nurture a wide variety of specialist by providing many opportunities of self-development and mutual cultivation.
 <Examples of activity>basic lecture of quality management, subscription to journals, attendance of various seminars, study meeting of technical skill certification

→These efforts make a wide variety of specialists, such as quality control, CAD/CAM, machining operation, polishing, and deburring.

・We nurture people who are particular about further creativity and techniques rather than simply obeying designated rules.

3.Effort to accomplish outstanding quality.

~From general manager of quality control department to you~

Compared with a time when ISO9001 was acquired, the quality management system has made us to improve quality of products, customer satisfaction, significant optimization by improvement of operational works. Also, we became able to work under the designated rules unconsciously.

Now, we confirm you that we will continue to nurture people who keep standardized works and improve the works in order to maintain “outstanding quality.” All employees cooperate together to be evaluated as “FUTA-Q’s outstanding skills” and “FUTA-Q’s superior quality.”

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