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Rare metal wire processing

Titanium 6-4 ELI and Ni free materials attracting attention for medical use can be processed with our technique, which have biocompatibility as well as high physical strength and corrosion resistivity.

We respond to your request by offering various shapes of wires such as round, flat, or irregular shaped wires.

Rare meal wire processing.FUTA-QRare meal wire processing.FUTA-Q

  Example of material Processable Size(mm)
Titanium 64 ELI (F136)
dia. 1.0 – 25.0
dia. 0.1 or more
Wire Titanium 64 ELI (F136)
4N-Ti (High purity titanium)
Ni-free Ti-based shape
memory alloy
Ni-free austenitic stainless
steel Nb (Niobium)
Ta (Tantalum)
Dia. 0.025 – 0.25
Flat wire NiTi (Experienced size)
W 0.9 X H 0.07
W 0.8 X H 0.15
W 0.3 X H 0.2
W 0.4 X H 0.1
Irregular shaped wire Pure Titanium

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