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HOKO (float) Project

HOKO (float) Project

HOKO, or flolat, is the main players in the Kyoto Gion Festival. We made a miniature model of one of HOKOs in 1/25 scale using our various metal processing technologies. The model can be a memorable leading sample appealing our unique technologies and promoting the “KYOTO=FUTA-Q” as a powerful brand that can appeal also to overseas markets.

– Material: SUS304 and SUS303
– Size: W 260 × D 135 × H 817 (1/25 scale)
– Weight: 4.2 Kg
– The number of parts: 242
– Utilized techniques:
Designed in-house using 3D measuring tool.
Machining, electric discharge machine, grinding machine, laser cutting, laser marking, blasting, hair-lining, etc.

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