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Nozzle assembly process

Nozzle assembly process


This section introduces the process through to the completion of the nozzle.
Among our nozzle assembly equipment, processing equipment such as pipe bore grinders,Designed and produced by the Kyoto Plant Development Section.

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Pipe processing
~ drawing


Pipes are manufactured using a special pipe machine using precision piping technology not available from other companies. Pipes are made small in diameter by drawing.

Pipe linearization

Pipe linearization

We use our proprietary technology to straighten the pipe.

Centerless polishing Centerless polishing

Adjust the dimensions of the outer diameter

Adjust the dimensions of the outer diameter.

Pipe bore polishing

Pipe bore polishing

This eliminates unevenness on the inner surface of the pipe and improves the liquid run-out. Finish to a surface roughness Ra0 of.05.
It is possible to develop in-house equipment and adjust the surface roughness with an inner diameter tolerance of ±0.02 or less.

» Inner diameter polishing

Swedding Corp.

Swedding Corp

Nozzle tip can be narrowed down. The upper pipe is long tapered. The lower pipe is PTFE coated.

» Needle, piercing, nozzle

Internal diameter polishing

Internal diameter polishing

As the skin of the narrowed internal radius will be rough, we will polish it with an internal radius polishing machine.

» Inner diameter polishing

Pipe inner surface roughness inspection


Inner surface roughness can be measured with a proprietary Non-destructive inner-surface roughness inspector for small-diameter pipes device (Arasameal).

» Non-destructive internal measuring device “Arasameal”

Needle tip processing


Needle tip machining is performed with a dedicated cutting machine or a proprietary cutting robot.

» Nozzle/needle tip machining



Laser processing is performed from various angles by tilting or rotating the nozzle. It is fixed by laser welding, adhesion, and brazing.

» Laser welding



Secure the flow path by suppressing pipe flatness due to bending.
The bending radius may be applicable depending on the outside diameter and wall thickness of the nozzle.

» Option additional work



If there is a concern about liquid leakage at the point of connection with the partner’s components, the machining spot can be removed.
Also, the appearance of the nozzle product is finished to the specified surface roughness.

» mirror finish

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Possible to introduce water-repellent coating to control the amount of liquid to be applied, creeping up, and liquid run out. FC180 thin-film fluorine coatings are available on the internal and external diameters.
The fluorine coated state of non-contact roughness measurement and transparency can be inspected by a high-precision measuring instrument.

» FC-180 coat (thin film fluororesin coat)

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