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Environmental report 2012

Environmental report 2012

-Message from the President-

Since The Great East Japan earthquake occurred two years ago, environmental damages, such as radiation damage caused by the nuclear accidents, have been left unsolved. It was also the year of revolution in politics and economics.

Then, the global environment has drastically changed, and it is said that serious environmental issues can influence over the continuance of life on a global scale.

We recognize decreasing an environmental loads and leaving the comfortable global environment for future generations through daily activities as one of the most important business challenges, and consider what we are supposed to do.

I herein inform you of the result and status of environmental preservation activity in 2012.

July 3rd, 2013
Futaku Precision Machinery Industry Company
President Ryozo Futaku

The content and the achievement of environmental preservation activities in 2012

Goals for environment improvement plan Specific policies Target value Result value Achievement
Energy (electricity & oil) CO2 reduction(2% reduction from the result in past 2 years) Unit (t-CO2.) 1. Turning off unnecessary lights
2. Turning off unnecessary oil heaters
3. Controlling with electricity consumption management system
280.56 260.58 107.7% A
Reduction in discarded metals
(1% reduction from the result in 2011)Unit( Kg/sales M\)
1.Reducing defective products in manufacturing process
2. Stop excess production
3. Monthly announcements of waste amounts
18.34 9.98 183.7% A
Chemical Substances (dichloromethane)1% reduction in the amount used of chemical substances (Comparison of the average numbers from 2009 to 2011) Per sales of a million yen Unit (L/M¥) 1. Improvement of detergent products
2.Educational training of clean-up method
3. Posting up a notice of a target value and achievement status
2.68 2.59 103.3% A
Beautification Activities within/around factories Conducting an environmental event (once per month/ more than once per year)) 1. Conducting beautification activities within/around factories (clean-up, weeding)
2. Planning/conducting environmental events
12More than1 12
100% A

Some examples of specific environment improvement activities ~Excerpt~

  • In order to reduce electricity use, we used a demand controlling system.
  • We tried our best to reduce material waste via defect reduction activities in production department.
  • In order to reduce the use of chemical substances such as dichloromethane, we asked our subcontractors to stop re-cleaning process, check cleaning condition, and set a target value of monthly detergent use.
  • We conducted monthly cleaning activities within/around factories.
  • We implemented some improvement activities to reduce industrial wastes.

Status of compliance, litigations, and complaints

About environment related regulations, we investigated which regulations we need to obey, and checked if everyone follows them. In addition, we submitted the report of environment preservation activities. Then, we did not receive any complaints nor litigations from other organizations and citizens.

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