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Environmental report 2010

Environmental report 2010

The Message from the President

In the 20th century, the global environment was badly affected by mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal resulting from high-speed industrialization.
Experts say that the 21st century is an extremely important period in which to conserve an environment allowing all the live forms on the Earth to survive into the future. Futaku has set as its highest management priority to operate and make efforts each day so as to minimize effects on the environment and conserve the life-supporting global environment to thereby pass it on to future generations.
This document introduces Futaku’s conservation activities and their results for fiscal 2010. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding, and for your critical advice and guidance.

Ryozo Futaku
The President of FUTA・Q, Ltd.
May 10th, 2011

Futaku’s Environmental Conservation Activities and Records in Fiscal 2010

Environmental Improvement Aims Specific Activities Target Result Percentage of
result to target
Reduction in general wastes (1% reduction from the average waste of April to June) Unit (kg) 1. Promotion of reuse of newspaper used for packaging products delivered from suppliers
2.Disposal of quality record sheets into a designated collection box
3.Disposal of paper cups of automatic vendors in a designated box
1369.8 1062.5 128.9% A
Reduction in defectively processed product wastes (1% reduction from the number of wastes compared with the number of processed products (% x 1000) 1.Each section identifies the causes of defects and reports the results in each month, thus encouraging the reduction of the number of defects.
2.For the products that have high defect frequency, measures are taken for improvement.
10.96 9.20 119.1% Rank: A
Chemical substances (dichloromethane) 1% reduction in the amount used (compared to the average of 2007 to 2009) Per million yen of sales Unit (L/million yen) 1.Review of products to be washed and reduction in the number of products to be washed
2.Review and reduction in washing hours
3.Review and correction of washing temperature
4.Review of washing methods
5.Display of target values and achievement status
2.64 2.29 115.3% Rank: A
Cleaning in plant and surrounding areas (once per month) 1.Cleaning in plant and surrounding areas (cleaning and weeding) 12 12 100% Rank: A
Organization of conservation events (once or more per year) 1.Planning and organization of conservation month events Once or more times 3 100% Rank: A

Description of specific activities (examples)

  • Promote the reuse of newspaper used in product packaging. Dispose of quality record sheets after collecting them in a designated box. Place vendors’ collection box to collect used paper cups of automatic vending machines.
  • To reduce the occurrence of defective products in manufacturing processes, we specifically totaled the numbers of the causes of failures in each section, to promote awareness of workers. As for the products whose processing is difficult, we reviewed processing conditions to reduce the occurrence of failures.
  • To reduce the use of a chemical substance (dichloromethane), we discontinued the re-washing of products already washed in a partner factory, and made efforts to reduce the use of chemical substances by setting targets.
  • We performed cleaning in the plants and surrounding areas according to monthly plans.
  • We organized an environmental conservation event in which we collected trash surrounding the plant, promoted a conservation month, and promoted increased energy efficiency with the participation of employees, to improve the awareness of conservation.

Compliance with environment related regulations, lawsuits and complaints

As for the environmental laws and regulations concerned with our businesses practices, we check for the applicable laws, regulations and others annually, confirm compliance, and issue notices and reports to the authorities as required. There were no questions, lawsuits and complaints from related organizations and those concerned.

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